CV Real Estate –

Passion. Vision. Performance.

CV Real Estate is your partner for project development and real estate investments. We conceive, develop, and realize commercial real estate projects and offer high-yield, stable-value real-estate investments. Our services cover the entire value chain of successful real estate project development.

We have comprehensive expertise in the various disciplines of real estate project development and contribute our broad wealth of experience from various European countries. Our team includes urban and spatial planners, architects and engineers, as well as financing and structuring specialists.

Above all, however, our team is united by the passion to create value with real estate and investments. We stand for the highest quality and professionalism. And we have the vision to explore new paths in order to achieve sustainable value add – on a daily basis for our clients.

What we stand for

Founded in 2011, CV Real Estate has developed into one of the most important real estate project developers in southern Germany. Within the next few years, CV Real Estate aims to become the first choice for real-estate project developments and investments in Germany. We already offer our clients and partners optimum performance and are guided by our core values: Passion – Vision – Performance. Vision Performance


What drives us is passion, combined with the determination to create long-term value. We identify locations and properties with potential at an early stage. We develop them professionally and specifically for our clients and partners. We realize that the path from idea to successful real-estate investment is not always a straight line. That's why we pool our strengths at the crucial moment in order to cross the finish line.


We regard the changes and new demands on real estate that arise from digitalization and changing lifestyles and working methods as an opportunity. They are redefining the way properties are planned and realized. We take these developments into account, incorporate new, digital tools and concepts into our processes, and seek dialog with innovative minds in our industry and beyond.


We bring the highest levels of professionalism and quality to our projects. This goes for the buildings and sites we develop, as well as for the investments we offer to investors. And it goes for every aspect of our work, i.e. our project management, reporting, and communications. For us, quality and returns are two sides of the same coin. And that is precisely what our partners and clients appreciate.

What we offer

Land and real estate owners

We are a financially strong and reliable developer with whom you can fully realize the potential of your real estate.


Investors and banks

We are a reliable partner who ensures the success of your investment.


Planners, engineers, and contractors

We are a competent, fair, and transparent contracting authority who will treat you as an equal partner and whom you can depend on.


Our Structure

CV Real Estate is comprised of the overarching holding company CV Real Estate AG and its three divisions CV Asset Management, CV Development, and CV Capital.

CV Asset Management

CV Asset Management offers the full range of real-estate management services.

CV Development

CV Development comprises all project development activities.

CV Capital

CV Capital structures and manages the financing of project developments.


As founder and CEO, Christian Vogrincic is the leading force of the company. He has extensive practical experience in the development and realization of real estate, combined with a sound academic education. Passion, vision, and an unequivocal focus on quality and performance in the interests of the client are important to him.

Christian Vogrincic

Managing Director CV Real Estate AG

  • Founded CV-Projektentwicklung GmbH (predecessor company of CV Real Estate) in 2011
  • More than 15 years of experience in the development and realization of real-estate projects in Germany and abroad

  • Managing Director and shareholder of an internationally operating project development company
  • Studies abroad in the USA, among others

Senior Management

Together with Christian Vogrincic, Anatol Obolensky and Sebastian Koch form the senior management of CV Real Estate. They are an interdisciplinary and internationally experienced team that drives CV Real Estate’s development.

Anatol Obolensky

Director CV Real Estate AG

  • has been with CV Projektentwicklung GmbH since 2015; since 2016 as authorized signatory and Head of Acquisitions
  • Experience in structuring and executing the financing of developments

  • Experience in the acquisition of large-volume project developments
  • Degree in International Management from the European Business School Paris and the International School of Management Munich

Sebastian Koch

Head of CV Development

  • More than 20 years of experience in the conception and planning of real-estate projects
  • Many years of experience and comprehensive expertise in technical project management

  • Dipl.-Ing. Architect and Real Estate Economist (Immobilienökonom / IREBS)
  • Has worked for renowned national and international architectural firms
  • Studied architecture in Germany and France

Want to be part of it all?

Do you share our passion for real estate and attractive projects? Do you want to be part of a dynamic and agile team in a rapidly growing company? Click here to learn more about career opportunities at CV Real Estate.